Disability tax credits

What are the requirements to be considered a person with a disability?

If you, your spouse or dependant have a disability as defined by SARS, you are entitled to claim an additional medical tax credit for certain expenditure. SARS defines a disability as a moderate to severe limitation of a person’s ability to perform daily tasks. This limitation needs to be:

  • Lasting longer than a year
  • Be confirmed by a registered medical practitioner

What happens when an impairment is less than moderate to severe?

A person can still claim qualifying medical expenses and listed expenses as per SARS guide. This will however be calculated on 25% and not 33%.



Examples of physical impairment are:

  • Bad eyesight
  • Hearing problems
  • Paralysis of only certain body parts
  • Brain dysfunctions such as dyslexia, hyperactivity, ADHD etc

What supporting documents needs to be submitted?

  1. The confirmation of diagnosis of disability form (ITR-DD) must be completed:
  • Part A by yourself
  • Part B – D must be completed by a duly registered medical practitioner (neurologist, physiotherapist, speech therapist or other specialist)

This form will be valid for

  • 10 years if diagnosed with a permanent disability 
  • 1 year if diagnosed with a temporary disability
  1. Supporting documents for expense claims include:
  • Doctors, hospital and therapist invoices or statements.
  • Detailed breakdown from medical aid of expenses not paid
  • Pharmacy invoices
  • Bank statements to proof payment
  • Logbook for travel claims to doctors
  • Caretaker payslips
  • Assistive devices invoices
  • School or care centre invoices
  • Medical aid tax certificate

What expenses can I claim?

Any expense listed in the prescribe lists that are necessary for the alleviation or assistance with a person performing daily tasks.

Please click on the link to download the list:

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