Our Story

Having my son born with cerebral palsy in 2017 has changed my life in so many ways. Making doctors’ appointments, seeing therapist, searching on the internet for new therapy methods and evaluating different assistive devices became the new norm.

But what I did not find is someone that could help with

  • My tax returns
  • Help with financial planning
  • Setting up a trust to ensure that he would be looked after when I am gone.

That’s why I started this consultancy firm to help other parents of children with special needs get 

  • The best advice regarding their taxes
  • Get your tax refunds back
  • Help you with financial management as caring for our children is so expensive
  • Help you set up a trust for the benefit of your child

We have helped parents:

  •  Get back their tax credits
  • Identify additional expenses that could qualify for the deduction
  • Lodge and win disputes with SARS
  • Help keep track of expenses and ensuring that the correct supporting documents are kept.

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